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Middle School Program - Overview

Welcome to Southwest Florida Christian Academy’s Middle School where students aspire to develop mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially in an environment that is academically challenging and distinctively Christ-centered.  At SFCA, middle school students are encouraged to be sensitive to the Lord’s will in their lives and to boldly exercise their faith.

Instruction is provided by professionally qualified and spiritually equipped staff, called of God to leadership in a Christian school.   The SFCA middle school culture and curriculum builds the bridge between elementary and high school, boosting our students’ confidence and preparing them for more responsibility.  Teachers seek to integrate all academics within the framework of a Biblical worldview.  God is relevant to all subject areas, and SFCA staff strives to reinforce the mastery of core knowledge while encouraging Christian integrity. 

Students in the middle school program at SFCA are afforded various extracurricular activities such as volleyball, football, basketball, cheerleading, swimming, wrestling, soccer, golf, track and field, baseball, softball, and tennis, as well as service activities that extend to the community.  Varieties of performing and practical arts courses are offered to complement the core academic areas and are culminated with opportunities for service and leadership training in the seventh and eighth grade.  To aid our students in developing Christian character, daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, and spiritual emphasis retreats are provided.  

Middle school students are developmentally in the season of their lives when habits, character and ideals are formed and solidified.  Our mission is to provide these students with a biblical and academically excellent education that will equip them to not only be prepared for high school, but to mold them into the young men and women of God that Christ has called them to be.