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Admissions - Middle
Financial Aid
Southwest Florida Christian Academy desires to offer a Christian Education to as many families as possible regardless of their social or economic status. SFCA accepts two scholarship programs, FACTS Financial Aid and Step-Up for Students, FTC.
If your child's enrollment is based on receiving financial aid, please email stating that you must receive aid for your child to attend. If you do not receive aid or the amount needed, we will refund the matricualtion fee, minus $75. This email must be sent before filling out the aid application. 
FACTS Financial Aid
All applicants must first submit the SFCA online application and pay the required enrollment fee before completing the FACTS Financial Aid application. The amount of money available, and the maximum percentage of aid that can be given to a family, varies from year to year. Please apply by the priorty deadline outlined on the tuition and fee schedule. FACTS Financial Aid will close on July 1st, 2018.
Please visit to complete the application. 
Step-Up for Students
For more information, visit on the FTC Scholarship