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Elementary School Counseling Program

The mission of the Southwest Florida Christian Academy Elementary and Middle School Guidance and Counseling program is to offer a proactive, structured program to address the spiritual, educational, career, and personal/social needs of students.  We aim to help students match their skills and abilities, interests and knowledge, values and preferences with plans that meet their educational and future goals so that students can become fully functioning, contributing members of society and truly learn to engage the culture for Christ.



Dental Hygiene Program

Water Safety Program

Volunteers from the US Army Corps of Engineers present their National Water Safety Program, which includes learning how to swim, proper diving and boating techniques, as well as life-saving maneuvers in the water.

Community Helper Day

As a part of our guidance program, we have variety of community helpers came to visit SFCA and teach students how they help the community and how students can be a helpful, contributing citizen.

    • Fire Department
    • Police Department
    • EMS
    • Sheriff’s Office
    • Forestry Services
    • Gulf Coast Humane Society
    • Mosquito Control of Lee County

Available Guidance Services

Available Services:

Study skills review, academic testing, educational/psychological testing and counseling referrals, individual counseling and referrals, speech therapy referrals, parent conference, parent-teacher conference, attendance evaluation, pastoral referral, test score interpretation, course selection (grades 5-8), age-appropriate post-high school educational and career planning, academic enrichment opportunities, service opportunities, social skills and organizational assistance.

Homework Help!

The Lee County Library System has an "E-branch" that your student can access biographies, tutorials, news articles, encyclopedias and much, much more 24/7. You can peruse the "Research and Homework Tools" portion of the website for homework help. You can also check out fun magazines, books, and movies. The site is

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